Logiciel du Centre de commande RealCare

Logiciel du Centre de commande RealCare®

Si vous avez des questions durant l'installation du logiciel ou lors de son utilisation, veuillez contacter votre distributeur.

This Help Guide is for programming RealCare Baby II-plus and RealCare Baby 3. Programming these models is exactly the same.  The only difference you will see is in the simulation report.  When you view reports for RealCare Baby 3, there is an additional page 2 that reports the temperature, clothing and car seat data from the simulation experience.

User Guide: ControlCenterHelp_fr.pdf

Infant Care Schedule: Infant Care Schedule_en.pdf  Schedules are based on the care required by 15 real infants over a period of 24 hours as documented in diaries kept by parents.

Getting Started Video Tutorial: RealCareGettingStarted_en This 20 minute tutorial is recommended for instructors new to RealCare Baby or those who wish to refresh their knowledge of programming and assessment.

Should any questions arise during software installation or use, please contact Realityworks Product Support at 1.800.830.1416 or 1.715.830.2040, or by e-mail.

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